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Get strategic and professional technical guidance using proven patterns and standards. Catsono helps you find the right tools to align your business with value and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Technologies we specialize in:

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Our dedicated staff helps you build on your existing knowledge base or discover & chart a completely new path to adoption.

Here are some of the services we provide today!

Optimizing the delivery of your products to promote Agile concepts.

Introducing testing and monitoring to your technology solutions.

Visualizing strategy to determine implementation patterns and promote governance.



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About Us

Our Mission

Catsono, Inc. envisions a future where technology is not just a tool but a strategic enabler for success.

Our mission is help guide organizations towards technological excellence, foster sustainability, and instill resilience all while becoming a trusted partner.

Our Expertise

Cloud Architecture

Cutting-edge DevOps

Security Hardening

Infrastructure Automation

Our Story

We started as a group of web developers and I.T. professionals, with a focus on delivering web solutions to Government Agencies across Florida. We moved into the world of consulting and professional services after finding much success in our projects.

We now focus on providing great professional around all things Automation, Infrastructure and Security.

Meet the team

Meet the dedicated team behind the success of Catsono and those driving innovation across every project and initiative they undertake.


Staff - CDG

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Founder / Owner

Joined | 2023



Staff - AGG

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Founder / Owner

Joined | 2023


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